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When Adam first went courting Eve
The sex was swathed in mystery,
He knew not how the jades deceive;
He hadn’t any history.
He could not know that any maid
Could love a man, could sigh to him,
Could kiss him, ‘neath a fig tree’s shade,
And subsequently lie to him.

No tales nor novels could he find
Of maids in huts or palaces
To give poor Adam any kind
Of basis for analysis!
He’d never heard of Borgias, who
Would poison, stab, or smother one,
He thought his girl was quite true blue –
He’d never known another one.

So when she held the apple out
He promptly took a bite of it.
And never had the slightest doubt
About the wrong or right of it.
And though the serpent chuckled low
Down in the knavish throat of him,
The luckless Adam did not know
That Eve had made a goat of him.

Thus Adam fell, for woman then
Was shrouded round with mystery.
Unlike us more enlightened men,
He had no help from history.
We’re read in wise and learned books
What many a maid and matron did,
Yet just the same we get the hooks,
Exactly as old Adam did.

From the South Bend News Times, August 4, 1919. By James J. Montague.

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