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Bon Voyage

The United States shipping board is soon to launch a vessel which will be named the Casey, in honor of the fine overseas service of the Knights of Columbus.

Long may her smoke trail wreath over the ocean,
  Long may the good Irish name of her be
A symbol of service, and faith, and devotion,
  Three graces that follow the emblem – K. C.
Liner and merchantman, troopship and tanker,
  In Liverpool, Rio or Brest or Benares
Shall break out their flag as she swings to her anchor,
  In graceful salute to the name that she bears.

The storm may break round her, but never she’ll fear it.
  Though typhoon may smother and tempest assail,
The Greatest of Captains shall guard her in spirit,
  And pilot her out of the teeth of the gale.
And HE who looked down when the caravels drifted
  To seek a new world beneath Heaven’s high dome,
Shall watch till the mists that enclose her are lifted,
  And safe from her journey the Casey comes home.

High be the mission and honored the name of her,
  Whatever her course o’er the waters may be,
Brave the behavior and glowing the fame of her,
  Worthy to carry the emblem – K. C.
Safe be each journey and swift each return of her,
  Smooth be the seas she is destined to plow
With the Red, White and Blue streaming out from the stern of her,
  And her good Irish name on her bluff, honest bow!

From the South Bend News Times, September 9, 1919. By James J. Montague.

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