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The Rural Resort

Ez Binks found that farmin’ is not so blamed charmin’ and that it’s not restful a bit.
A man may stay healthy and slowly grow wealthy, but there’s too much work mixed in it.
He started to dreamin’ and plannin’ and schemin’ to find a way to get rich quick,
For arduous toilin’ when weather was boilin’ made him good and properly sick.
The neighbors derided, but Ezra decided as how he might jes’ ’bout as well
Stop work altogether in hot summer weather and take life some easy a spell.
The old farm he altered and he never faltered when figgerin’ on the expense.
He spent almost fifty to make it a nifty resort and results were immense.
Now, Ez was a meller and comical feller – a great entertainer as well.
It seemed like a pity how folks from the city and folks that seemed purty blamed swell
Would spend their good money for meals that were funny and rooms that were stuffy and small;
But they kept arrivin’ and Ez kept a-thrivin’; ’twas crowded from Spring until Fall.
No one made a holler when he charged a dollar for one glass of nearly iced tea.
They seemed to be willin’ to pay 15 shillin’ a night for a cot ‘neath a tree.
Now Ez has a million, he hopes for a billion; he’ll get it at his present rate.
His wealth is increasin’ and he is still fleecin’ the folks who think they’re up-to-date.

From The News Scimitar, September 13, 1919. By Roy K. Moulton.

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