Questions for the Sages 47 – Ananda Vrindavaneshwari devi dasi

Anandavridavaneswari devi dasi is the president of the Hare Krishna temple in Potomac, Maryland, and we sat to discuss the year 2017, and some of the things we look forward to in 2018.

Questions for the Sages 46 – Levi Campbell

Levi has led quite a life, and next week, he’ll be moving onto the temple grounds. We go over some his life story, and look to the future. My apologies for my froggy voice.

At about 1 hour and 41 minutes into the podcast, I was trying think of this song:

That Could Be You by Blue Highway

Questions for the Sages 43 – Vishvambar das

Vishvambar das met Srila Prabhupada in 1973, and served as president of the Hare Krishna temple in Potomac, Maryland around 1989. He first saw white Western devotees in India, and soon after on his first day in America. It was a pleasure to spend time with him.

Questions for the Sages 40 – Rasa Prada das

Rasa Prada das first encountered the Hare Krishnas in Venezuela, and maintained the connection while working as a musician in the United States. We talked about his increasing involvement in the Hare Krishna movement, up to his initiation by a guru two years ago.