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Put Him On

From the Carson City Daily Appeal, July 25, 1919. By William Herschell.


The snappy men, the happy men, who heard the bugle call Who reckoned not the reason - who gave their lives and all. The swinging men, the singing men - the cadence of the road The joyful song of conquest, lending lightness to the load. The landing men, the standing men - the hours in the rain The endless, anxious waiting for the transport or the train. The striving men, the driving men, who put the business through Relentless in their purpose, which was but to die or do. The leaping men, the creeping men, the stealthy, stern patrol The star-shell in the darkness striking fear into the soul. The flying men, the dying men, upon the battlefield . The craven and the hero in the light of day revealed. The broken men, soft-spoken men, who felt the cannon's breath Who trod the Vale of Sacrifice and touched the hand of Death. The graver men. the braver men, back in our arms once more, Bring brighter revelations than we ever knew before.
From the Carson City Daily Appeal, July 8, 1919.