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Posts tagged as “Edmund Vance Cooke”


Autocracy is the great wave's high crest To beat down you and me and all the rest. While Bolshevism is the undertow To mire us by its treachery below. In neither is there hope for you and me. But in the free sweep of democracy, Ruled by opinion's ebb and reason's flow, Unawed above, nor menaced from below.
From The Washington Herald, July 1, 1919.


Do I believe in the miracled sign  As wrought by the ancient prophet?  The miracled water turned to wine That the wedding guests might quaff it?  Miracled fishes and loaves of bread, And Lazarus miracled back from the dead,  Or any miracle heard or read?  Well, pray you, why should I scoff it?   For I look up through my miracle eyes To the miracle skies above me,  Then I look at you and I realize  A miracle for and of me.  Something has turned my blood to wine,  Something has laid your lips on mine,  Greatest of miracles! this its sign,  That you are alive and love me!
From The Washington Herald, June 26, 1919.